The Good Match Services

Have we piqued your interest? Then what comes next?

Step 1. Sign up for our newsletter

We invite you to take the first step in joining our community by signing up for our newsletter. After signing up, you’ll receive our monthly newsletter with top stories, new trends, featured opportunities, and important information relevant to creating and maintaining responsible relationships between sponsors and sport actors. The newsletter signup is free, with no obligations.

Step 2. Register for a due diligence assessment

If you think you’re ready to take this relationship to the next level, then we invite you to register within our TGM community database. Upon registration and payment, we will carry out a personalised due diligence assessment of you, your brand, your club, or your organisation. The due diligence will be an opportunity for you to benchmark your current sustainability strengths and weaknesses, and it will give us the insight we need to move forward with your profile.

Following the due diligence, we will offer you a short report and the opportunity to take the next steps in joining our community, including signing our Code of Conduct. The due diligence and report will be confidential between us and you; the information will be used to develop your profile and provide guidance in becoming more sustainable.

If you think the due diligence is enough for right now, then we will still provide you with a mini report to help you better understand how to move forward in your sustainability journey. As sustainability specialists, we do offer strategy and further analysis services that may assist you in becoming more socially and environmentally responsible, and our goal is that everyone involved continues to improve, ourselves included!

Step 3. Begin finding your perfect match.

Once your due diligence has been completed and you have signed our Code of Conduct, you will have the opportunity to move forward with our matching service. You may select from personalised plans, and we will begin finding you your match.

If you have any questions or would like to begin your TGM experience, please contact us here.

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