Launch of The Good Match

Welcome to The Good Match.

We’re a small team of sports-loving, sustainability-obsessing individuals who are convinced that People, Planet, and Profit are not mutually exclusive.

At The Good Match (TGM), we offer a personalised platform matching carefully vetted brands with like-minded sports clubs, events, athletes, and organisations.

We’re a sponsorship agency without the suit and tie, a matching service without the swipe, and a sustainability advisor with some style. We want this to be fun, and we hope you do, too.

How do we know what we’re doing?

We’re playing to our strengths.

After many years of being in the sports industry – from advising, monitoring and assisting sports organisations to our pet project RESPONSIBALL and its corresponding annual ranking – we know the players and we know the game.

We have our hand in the corporate tin, as well. We’ve been consultants for businesses in Europe and the United States, with focus on corporate social responsibility strategies and reporting.

We’re also a bit nerdy. You know all those sustainability buzzwords and acronyms you’ve been hearing? Paris Agreement? Sustainable Development Goals? UNFCCC? ISO? GRI? SASB? We geek out on those in our spare time and have used our expertise to run workshops, webinars, and specific projects focused on and around them.

So, why should you sign up? And why should there be more responsible sponsorships?

First off, have you seen the state of the world lately? We don’t dwell in doom and gloom, but it’s hard to avoid the floods, famine, discrimination and dissatisfaction that are shaping our world today. And as we said, we’re playing to our strengths. So should you.

You know what you’re good at. You’ve created a great product that meets all the environmental and social standards and then some. You’ve put in the hours on the track or in the stadium, and you want it to pay off. We’re here to help you make that happen.

For brands that have sustainability at the heart of what they do, we are providing a door into the world of sports that has been traditionally reserved for gas and oil, soda, and fast food chains. It’s not that we’re snobs – we enjoy a beer and chips as much as the next person. However, we think there are opportunities for more socially and environmentally conscious brands to enter into the sponsorship field.

For sports clubs, athletes, and organisations, your sponsor not only provides key funding and/or resources that help you to keep doing what you love to do, but it also increasingly affects your reputation. You’re busy with your core business, so do you have the time to do the due diligence you need to find the right sponsors? Probably not.

We’re here to help both sides find each other. Consider us the match that lights your flame.

How do we vet potential members?

Each brand, organisation, club, or individual who signs up for membership takes part in an initial due diligence assessment. As sustainability experts with vast experience in the sport and corporate sectors, we have curated a list of requirements that each new member must reach. We will offer you a short report with the results of our assessment, which can be the benchmark for you in your sustainability journey forward.

We don’t believe in greenwashing, and we’ll offer you a clear and honest assessment of where you are, whether you’re a brand, athlete, club or other stakeholder. We believe in actual change, and we’re committed to helping you make the transition.

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